Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, the foods you can chew comfortably are limited. Clear speech may also be a challenge, and it’s difficult to feel confident with a noticeable gap in your smile. 

Our goal at Smiles of Orange is to help our patients maintain healthy, attractive smiles and teeth that function comfortably. You have options to replace missing teeth, but the healthiest and longest-lasting are dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a titanium or ceramic replacement root and is a tiny post placed in the jawbone to mimic the function of the lost root. 

Since titanium is biocompatible, the implant fuses with bone and tissue around it as it heals. This process is called osseointegration and takes several months to complete.

When the implant integrates fully, Dr. Jackson attaches a beautiful, durable dental crown to it, resulting in a full tooth replacement. If we need to replace multiple or all teeth, we recommend a dental bridge or implant-retained denture.

One of a dental implant’s most significant benefits—and the one that sets it apart from other tooth replacements—is that it can last a lifetime with proper care.

Benefits of Dental Implants in Orange, CA

Aside from restoring the appearance of your smile, implants are considered the gold standard in tooth replacement for several reasons.

Restores Full Chewing Function

When all your teeth are intact, they work together so you can chew comfortably. If one tooth is lost, the remaining teeth compensate, resulting in worn, broken, or fractured teeth. Because you have to change the way you chew, tooth loss can also lead to TMJ pain and problems.

An implant tooth functions the same way as a natural tooth so that you can chew all your favorite foods comfortably again. Since implants are so stable, they can support an entire arch of denture teeth to restore full chewing function.

Maintains Jawbone Health

When tooth roots are intact, they hold your teeth in place and help keep the jawbone around them strong and healthy. When you lose a tooth, the bone that supports it starts to shrink. 

Time marches on, and so does jawbone loss that eventually destabilizes surrounding teeth, loosening them and leading to further tooth loss. However, placing an implant in the space stimulates the surrounding bone to keep it strong and healthy.

Preserves a Fuller Facial Appearance

Have you ever seen someone with few or no teeth? Their lips and cheeks cave in, and their face takes on an aged and sunken appearance due to missing and gradual jawbone loss.

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants keeps the surrounding bone strong and healthy and helps maintain a fuller, more youthful appearance. 

Long-Term Tooth Replacement

Once an implant heals, it becomes a permanent part of your dental anatomy. Your implant can last a lifetime if you maintain excellent gum health by brushing and flossing diligently and staying current with professional teeth cleanings.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Dental Implant?

Dr. Maryam Jackson has been helping patients discover their best smiles since 2007 and would love to meet with you to see if dental implants in Orange, CA are right for you. 

Please call us at (714) 997-5495 to schedule a dental implant consultation appointment.

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